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Specializing in Porsche Service and Repair.

Eurotech Advanced Automotive Services
Specializing in Porsche Service and Repair.


Eurotech Advanced Automotive is a specialty full-service Porsche workshop located in Framingham, Massachusetts. Eurotech has been specializing in Porsche service and repair for over 25 years.

"Here at Eurotech we stride to provide you with the best possible care for you and your Porsche. Honor and integrity is as important as our workmanship".



Stock engine overhaul, Race engine development, Turbo/Supercharger systems, Fabricated intake systems, Fabricated exhaust systems, Block & Head race preparation, Engine and Transaxle upgrades/swaps to earlier chassis.



Stock overhaul, Blueprinting, Ring and pinion, Gear sets, Race Synchronization, Dogbox and Sequential gearboxes, Transmission cooling systems.



Shock upgrades, Coilover upgrades, Monoball upgrades, Suspension member fabrication, IE control arms, Bumpsteer correction, Corner weight balancing, Performance alignments.



Calipers and Rotors, Master cylinder, Dual master, Brake bias, and Racing ABS upgrades.



Custom fabrication and development of many Performance-Oriented products:

Intake Systems

Exhaust Systems

Safety Systems



Introducing a radically different approach to chassis dynamometer testing.... The Dynapack! - the only unique and technically sophisticated dyno available today in a market that is crowded with cookie-cutter designs. We have SOLVED the problem of tire slippage and the inconsistencies of the tire to roller interface - while our competitors try to pretend that these problems don’t exist. If you’ve operated a roller dyno, you know better. We’ve started with a clean sheet to design a dyno that truly performs and exceeds customer expectations. Why settle for a “standard” dyno when you can have so much more.

The Dynapack is a true load-brake dyno - just like the best engine dynos. We directly measure the work being performed, while others just estimate it. Since we have real hydraulic load brakes, we allow you to perform tests that simple inertia-dynos are incapable of. You can now have unprecedented control over the vehicle with a degree of resolution and precision that has to be seen to be believed.

The first and most obvious difference is the elimination of the tire to rollerinterface on a conventional roller dyno. The Dynapack eliminates this variable by using a hub adapter that provides a direct coupling to our Power Absorption Units. There can be no tire slip, no rolling resistance, and no chance of the vehicle coming off of the dyno at high speeds. Notice that we call this a variable. Sometimes it may be a problem area, other times it may not. Tire temperature, pressure, traction, etc, are all variables that can change - not only from run to run, but during the run as well. Throw an unknown variable like this into the equation and your data has now become subject to a potentially high margin of error. It is obviously better if these variables could be eliminated - which is exactly what we have done. There are other associated problems with the roller method as well. Take tie-down straps for example. Most roller dynos use ratcheting tie-down straps to attempt to hold the vehicle in position while being tested. If the straps are cinched down tightly, the tire has become loaded even further, in an unpredictable manner. While this may be good for enhancing traction, it changes the rolling resistance of the tire - skewing the data further. Since these tie-down straps aren’t perfect, the vehicle squirms around on the rollers - dramatically changing the tire drag during the run. If the vehicle is tested in two different sessions, the straps can’t be set exactly the same way twice in a row. Again, the data will be inconsistent. We have heard of cases where the ratcheting tie-down straps were loosened by two clicks and the measured power increased by ten horsepower. What if the straps stretch - either from run to run, or during the run itself? Wouldn’t it be great if all of these problems could disappear? With a Dynapack, they were never there in the first place.

Another major difference is the effect of inertia. Street wheels and tires spinning at high RPM have a large amount of inertia. A large steel drum spinning at the same ground speed has much more inertia. What you end up with is a giant, heavy flywheel attached to your engine. The inertia is such, that just trying to accelerate the mass of the roller is a substantial load for the engine. That is the principle that some roller dynos (or “inertia dynos” as they are also called) operate on. Accelerate a known mass to a measured speed over a given time and it can be calculated to equal a certain amount of power. There is nothing wrong with this theory, but like many theories, its application in the real world can be troublesome. How do you think your measurements will be effected by being subjected to this large heavy flywheel phenomenon? Will small fluctuations be noticeable? In a word, no. The flywheel effect tends to take small rapid variations and smooth them right out - as energy that should be going into the dyno is being wasted trying to accelerate a large lump of steel. This is great if you want your power curve to look like a smooth pretty line, but it doesn’t give you much insight into what is really occurring. What if you eliminated the flywheel effect? While nothing that has a spinning mass has “no” inertia, when compared the total mass of the wheels, tires, rollers, and other associated hardware of a roller dyno, the inertia of a Dynapack is practically zero. This allows us to precisely measure and display tiny rapid pulses and oddities that you may not have seen before. Now you have a window into areas that no roller dyno will allow you to see. Another benefit of having virtually zero inertia is the ability to change the rate of acceleration at will. In many situations, you may want to accelerate the vehicle at a different rate to simulate a specific condition. With a few simple keystrokes, we allow you to make the vehicle accelerate very quickly, slowly, or anywhere in between. Because of our lack of inertia and total control of the engine speed, we give you choices that none of our competitors can even dream of - and as you know, choices are good!



Track support, Engine/Transmission/Suspension setup, Team Management, Project Analysis.

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